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Software Engineering Intern - Summer 2020


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In 2017, Lime set out to revolutionize urban mobility.  We are founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility.  Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.

Two years later our vehicles and fleet size may have changed, but our dedication to improving mobility has never been stronger. It’s the insatiable desire for innovation, so deeply woven into the fabric of our identity, that has helped us grow to over 700 employees and 50 million rides spread across 5 continents.

When you unlock a Lime, you unlock the joy and freedom of possibility. Whether you’re riding to school or work, to visit an old friend or to see a new city for the first time, every trip presents you with a new and unique experience. It’s an opportunity to take back the gift of time from being lost in traffic. 

Lime has the power to open up a city to you in beautiful and unexpected ways, and when you unlock one, you’re unlocking more than just a scooter or a bike.

You’re unlocking life.

We are looking for Software Engineering Interns to build the core technology that powers our fleet of connected vehicles. We're launching our services quickly across the world, so you’ll be crafting backend systems that can process boatloads of requests from our IoT devices and consumer-facing apps. You will also work to improve our suite of operational tools that enable our distributed workforce to charge, deploy, and maintain our electric vehicles. 

Depending on your experiences and interests, you could work in the following teams:

Rider and Marketplace Team

Rider: This team is in charge of the core rider experience.  They develop our consumer iOS and Android apps and maintain the APIs that back them.  If you’ve used the Lime app, you’ve experienced this team’s handiwork.  

Marketplace: This team is all about building new products that drive company topline growth.  Some examples are vehicle deployment optimization and pricing experimentation.   

Supply Team

This team unlocks urban smart mobility by building the world-class infrastructure, platform, tools and experiences to optimize the operational management of Lime’s mega global fleet.

GovTech and Partnerships

This team supports a wide variety of successful partnerships both governmental and corporate, ensuring compliance and deepening of relationships in both spheres.  They build products that enable us to share valuable data with cities, get permits, and drive growth through corporate partnerships.  

Infrastructure and Platforms

This is the backend software development team responsible for developing core systems, capacity and scalability, reliability, security and developer tooling.  

Data Engineering

This team empowers Lime with trustworthy and timely data insights and machine learning models to be smarter and faster by designing and implementing data and machine learning platforms. They will lay out the foundation for Lime to be a data company. 

We here at Lime strive to build a workforce comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities, minds, and identities that will help us to grow, not only as a company, but also as individuals. Lime is an Equal Opportunity Employer.