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Quantitative Researcher Intern


Symmetry Investments
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About Us

Symmetry Investments is a global investment company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and London. We have been in business since 2014 after successfully spinning off from a major New York-based hedge fund. As of March 31, 2019, we have about 139 full time employees and manage approximately US$4.9 billion of capital.

At Symmetry Investments, we seek to engage in intelligent risk-taking to create value for our clients, partners and employees. We derive our edge from our capacity to generate Win-Wins – in the broadest sense. Win-Win is our fundamental ethical and strategic principle. By generating Win-Wins, we can create unique solutions that reconcile perspectives that are usually seen as incompatible or opposites, and encompass the best that each side has to offer:

We integrate fixed-income arbitrage with global macro strategies in a novel way. 

We invent and develop technology that focuses on the potential of human-machine integration.

We build systems where machines do what they do best, supporting people to do what people do best.

We are creating a collaborative meritocracy: a culture where individual contribution serves both personal and collective goals - and is rewarded accordingly. 

We value both ownership thinking AND cooperative team spirit, self-realization AND community.

Job Description

We are looking for mature hackers with a moral compass and sense of responsibility who have kept their imaginativeness. We value interest and capabilities as much as formal experience. Academic credentials are not a requirement if you can demonstrate outstanding capabilities, but for this role you should have a strong foundations in quantitative research – background knowledge of applied statistics, practical programming knowledge, and some experience working with FICC concepts

You will be working in a creative, often less-structured environment, with a high degree of autonomy to implement solutions. You are comfortable asking for help when you need it. You are capable of accepting direction should a particular solution fit with the longer-term strategic goals of the firm.

You are able to think about problems in a generic, high-level way AND pragmatically use common sense. You can think associatively and hold a complex mental picture in your head as well as sequentially.

You will be consulting with researchers to scope out research projects, performing the analysis, prototyping a solution and automating the workflow for similar future research. Specific tasks include helping build data visualization, automated reports and interactive tools used by researchers, PMs and traders and managing all aspects of the iterative rapid prototyping process

We see internships as a multi-month interview process. Recently, we have sourced the majority of our junior hiring from our internship program and we’re always looking to convert outstanding interns into permanent roles.

We are flexible in terms of the period of internship - and are open to internships from 12 weeks to 6 months throughout the year. We will accept both undergraduate and graduate students.

Please show us examples of any publicly-shareable code that you’ve written (school assignments, hobby projects, open source contributions). A link to your GitHub would help expedite the selection process.